Looking forward to seeing you at the 2024 Polytechnics Showcase!

The Polytechnics Showcase will be a great opportunity to learn how polytechnic institutions are ready for the challenge of helping to solve problems, delivering solutions, and driving innovations. I look forward to connecting with you, learning about your challenges and concerns, and seeing if we can solve those issues with Research Impact!

Pleased to meet you . . .

My name is Jacqueline Watty with Profound Impact Corporation. Profound Impact is a Canadian company led by an award-winning female entrepreneur and supported by an experienced and knowledgeable leadership team. We know finding the right fit for research and investment is challenging and time-consuming. Investing in pre-award matching brings together corporate strategic projects with researchers and funding sources and increases the competitiveness and growth potential of Canada’s economic prosperity.

I am hosting a round table discussion at the Polytechnics Canada Conference on May 15th at 7 am and you are invited to join the conversation.

Key topics will be surrounding the challenges and opportunities faced by polytechnics and colleges when it comes to securing funding, working with industry partners, and tackling a growing to-do list on a shrinking resource budget.

No registration is required, just look for our signage in the breakfast room at the Fairmont Chateau-Laurier. Want to learn more? Reach out directly: jwatty@profoundimpact.com

A small welcome to the discussion gift will be available for attendees.

Interested in Learning More About Research Impact?

I’d be happy to schedule a personal demo or a free 90-day evaluation of Research Impact so you can see for yourself how Research Impact makes research administration more effective with less work than using a search engine or newsletters. Just fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

Check out this recent webinar on industry/academic partnerships! Unlock Innovation Dollars Through Academia, presented by Innovation Factory.

You may be interested in a recent webinar, Unlock Innovation Dollars Through Academia, that my colleague, Sherryl Petricevic of Profound Impact, moderated. Representatives from BDO Canada, McMaster University, Sheridan College and Mohawk College showcased real-world examples of successful projects and industry/academic partnerships and how companies can successfully access this source of innovation.

Profound Impact envisions a world where collaboration between researchers, universities, and industry partners is seamless, dynamic, and results in transformative breakthroughs that shape the course of humanity.