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Profound Impact Plus Collision

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The Perfect Match

  • Increase revenue opportunities, save time and money, and move the needle on your organization’s ranking
  • Automatically creates researcher profiles so you can start using the platform from day one
  • Communicate matches directly to the researchers via email
  • Our dashboard manages researcher areas of focus, funding opportunities, grant deadlines, historical funding matches and industry projects. Notifications help insure you never miss a deadline.
  • Creates more time for administrators to provide application and personalized support.

Hear it from the experts! What makes an industry-researcher collaboration a success?

Experts: Vio Onut, Principal R&D Strategist at the Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) at IBM Canada; Jennifer Moles, Director, R&D Collaboration and Commercialization Ontario Centre of Innovation (OCI); and George Shaker, Principal Scientist and Head of Research at Spark Technology Labs (STL) and Brian Romansky, Chief Strategic Officer of Profound Impact Corporation.


Based in the Toronto-Waterloo technology corridor, Profound Impact’s AI-powered platform – Research Impact – helps academic and industry researchers find the perfect funding match. With over $2.5 Trillion in research funding opportunities, 100,000s industry partners and 25 Million researchers globally, finding the optimal grant for academic and industry innovators is often overwhelming and unnecessarily time-consuming.  More than just a search engine, Research Impact offers automatic, targeted and timely matching.  Profound Impact’s customers include top North American research institutions, universities and industry partners.  CEO and Founder Sherry Shannon-Vanstone is a serial technology entrepreneur with an unparalleled track record.  She has had five successful start-ups and exits in Silicon Valley and Canada, including two IPOs and acquisitions.